Accident Detail Report

Accident Detail Report

If you have had an accident and you would like Montvern Panel Masters to take care of your insurance claim then you can simply fill in this form and our Customer Support will take care of the rest for you.
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Accident Checklist

Tips following a car accident: If you have an accident, it can be difficult to think quickly and clearly, that’s why it’s important you first run through these steps:
  • Check that you, your passengers and those in other accident vehicles are not injured. If there are injuries call an Ambulance (000).
  • Turn off the ignition of all vehicles as a fire precaution. If there is a fire, call the Fire Brigade and Police (000).
  • Call the police if there are any injuries, or there is major damage and the vehicles are undriveable.
  • If vehicles are drivable, park in a safe location to exchange details. If not, activate warning lights (if workable) and wait in a safe place until police arrive.
  • Complete Accident Detail Report, Other Driver’s Details and Insurance Request Form and provide a copy to your insurer.

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