Accident FAQs

Accident FAQs

We would like to share some helpful information if you're involved in an accident and we'd also like to demonstrate our association with automotive brands and insurance companies.
  What should I do immediately after a motor vehicle accident?
Try to stay calm - don't panic. Switch off the ignition, and activate emergency hazard lights. Check to see if anyone is injured, and if they can be assisted immediately. Keep yourself and others off the road.
  What if someone is injured?
Dial the Emergency Service Number 000 (free call) and ask for either Ambulance, or Police, in order of urgency. Be prepared to tell the Emergency Service: It's a car crash, where it's located, how many people are injured and your name.
  Should police be notified?
Police should be notified if a person has been injured or if there is damage to property or livestock and the owner is not at the scene.
  What are my responsibilities to the other driver?
Exchange names, addresses, registration numbers and insurance company details. Do not admit liability for the accident, or blame yourself publicly (this is for your own protection should legal considerations be raised).
  What are my legal obligations?
You must stop if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident.
You must provide your name and address to other people involved.
You must report the accident to the police if there are personal injuries or damage to property whose owner is not in attendance.
You must not drive away from a motor vehicle accident in an unroadworthy vehicle.
  How do I know who is at fault?
Do not admit liability for the motor vehicle accident, or blame yourself publicly (this is for your own protection should legal considerations be raised). Contact your insurer at your earliest opportunity. They will work with all parties involved in order to determine responsibility. RACV policy holders should contact the Claims and Assistance Centre on 13 19 03 (24 hours).
When you have been involved in an accident and you are no longer able to drive your vehicle, it is law to contact TOWING ALLOCATION on 13 11 76. Towing allocation will then allocate a towing company to tow your vehicle to a repairer of your choice. PLEASE REMEMBER ---- YOU HAVE A CHOICE OF WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE IT TAKEN. If the car is drivable and you drive it more than a couple of kilometers and then it breaks down you are able to call a towing company of your choice. We recommend ALL1 Towing on 9761 7710.

Accident Checklist

Tips following a car accident: If you have an accident, it can be difficult to think quickly and clearly, that’s why it’s important you first run through these steps:
  • Check that you, your passengers and those in other accident vehicles are not injured. If there are injuries call an Ambulance (000).
  • Turn off the ignition of all vehicles as a fire precaution. If there is a fire, call the Fire Brigade and Police (000).
  • Call the police if there are any injuries or if there is major damage and the vehicles are undriveable.
  • If vehicles are drivable, park in a safe location to exchange details. If not, activate warning lights (if workable) and wait in a safe place until police arrive.
  • Complete Accident Details Report, Other Driver’s Details and Insurance Request Form and provide a copy to your insurer.

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